Lily Room Spray 100ml

Transform your living space with the fresh and spirited fragrance of Lily. Highly diffusive spray lightly fragrances any room. Can be used to revitalise scented drawer liners. Non-aerosol formula is safe for the environment. Fragrance: A heart of lily of the valley blended with dewy greens, woodland mosses, musk, and ylang ylang. Price guide: £10.00 […]

Rosewater Home Fragrance Oil 10ml

Create a romantic and enchanting atmosphere with our beautiful Rosewater Home Fragrance Oil. Perfect for oil burners, our sensual scent is highly concentrated for a long-lasting fragrance that will transform any loving space into a beautiful, aromatic rose garden. Perfect for fragrance oil burners Provides long-lasting scent Can be used to scent pine cones or […]

India Hicks Casuarina Diffuser Refill Set One Size

India Hicks Casuarina Diffuser Refill Set including India’s Island breezes liquid fragrance and set of 12 wicking reeds designed for use with the Casuarina Home Fragrance Diffuser. Contains: Liquid Diffuser Fragrance 5.5 fl oz 12 Wicking Reeds Lasts up to 3 monthsFragrance: Casuarinas trees, palm leaves, orange blossoms and sea air. Price guide: £24.00 Click […]

Iris Room Spray 100ml

A light mist of our Iris Room Spray lets you bring all the elegance and allure of our exquisite iris scent to each and every room. Transforms any room with a quick spritz Iris fragrance room spray Refreshes closets and drawers, too Layers beautifully with Iris candles and reed diffusers.Fragrance: Exquisitely scented orris from the […]

Iris Drawer Liners

Beautifully printed paper lines your drawers and gently scents your clothing with our exquisite Iris fragrance. Blended with precious sandalwood, sensuous patchouli and a hint of fresh vetiver, our Iris fragrance pays homage to a classic alluring ingredient. Generously sized Beautifully printed and fragranced A lovely way to protect and delicately scent clothing Set of […]

Iris Diffuser 200ml

The beautifully elegant Iris diffuser will spread the alluring scent of iris and precious wood accents throughout the home.Fragrance: Exquisitely scented orris from the root of the iris flower, blended with precious sandalwood, sensuous patchouli and a hint of fresh vetiver. Price guide: £28.00 Click on image for further information and to check current price.

Rosewater Diffuser 200ml

Transform any living space with the aromatic romance of rosewater. Our elegant Rosewater Home Fragrance Diffuser continuously scents living spaces with the enchanting scent or rosewater surrounded by light notes of violet, florals and musk. Beautifully designed bottle enhances the fragrance experience Provides up tp three months of continuous Rosewater scent Flame-free method of releasing […]